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Portrait Fundraisers

This spring, we're moving photography from our back burner to the front and we're using muscles to power the move. If you're looking for a fundraiser for your organization, consider partnering with us.

Here's how it works. Choose a date below and we'll work together to create a fun portrait experience at a location that works for your group. Sessions are en plein air, meaning "the good old outdoors." (If the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll reschedule.)

Saturday, March18 (available)

Saturday, March 25 (available)

Saturday, April 1 (available)

Saturday, April 15 (available)

Saturday, April 22 (available)

Saturday, April 29 (available)

Sessions are 15 minutes each. $50 for the session and one digital image, or $150 for the session and all edited images (approximately 20-25 images) if ordered at the time of the session. ($175 if ordered after the session.)

Here's the split.

Your team brings; 10 families 20 families 30 families 40 families

Your team's percentage 20% 30% 40% 50%

(based off gross);

It's that simple. No gimmicks or games.

Why are we doing this? Instead of paying to run ads for marketing, we're using muscle power to market as word of mouth has been our best marketing effort. So, join us this spring and we look forward to connecting with you! or text/call us at 757.947.8006

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