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Five amazing photography locations in Williamsburg, Virginia

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

If you're looking for an out of the way spot to capture the Williamsburg, Virginia charm, we've got you covered. Sure, everyone knows that historic downtown Williamsburg screams cuteness at every corner. And lots of photographers want to travel to Williamsburg for a destination session. But only a true local can guide you to the five following spots without researching the location to pretend they're a local.

  1. College Creek: This particular spot only took me fifteen years to find. But it's worth it, right?

2. Parking lot in historic Williamsburg.There's no denying that we do parking lots right in Williamsburg. This location is a well kept secret that few locals in Williamsburg know about. Right in the open.

3. this location isn't exactly an out of the way place. During the day time, it's quite crowded. But why Jamestown Beach clears out just before sunset is a mystery I'll never understand. It's like walking out of a theatre right before the good part. Serene, still, magical, inviting...well, you get the picture, I think.

4. Berries in the summer...Christmas trees in the fall. Tag your own tree to adopt for Christmas during your session. Mill Berry Farm has it all.

5. And finally, a random willow tree on the campus of William & Mary. Park your family here for a picnic, a rest or a superhero family session. Either of those will work in no particular order.

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