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Bonjour! I'm Jodi.Also known as Ma, Mom, Madre, Mummy, Mother and Mommy. And just plain "Jodi."

No, I'm not French, but I took French in high school because the teacher was my favorite teacher in the world, Mrs. Mastroianni. She taught U.S. History and French and I was fortunate to have her for three years. Spanish would have been more useful, growing up in Southern California, but the French Impressionists drew me in. We've lived in southeast Virginia for a third of my life now, but I do miss sunsets on the Pacific Ocean, authentic Mexican food and family, of course. I'll take chai tea over coffee any and every day. And chocolate or a book.. I'm probably more reactionary in life, which isn't always a wonderful trait, but in photography, it certainly helps with lifestyle images.

So...welcome to my corner of the world, parked here at this domain. I hope you'll come back ever so often as my page unfolds.. Au revoir for now...

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